I graduated film school the year YouTube was invented and in 2006 became a “new media producer” before anyone knew what that meant.

I was the first video producer for Washington Post’s online magazine Sprig.com where I produced, shot, and edited online videos weekly. Soon after, I was hired as Slate Magazine’s first on-staff video producer, making upwards of one video per week for over four years. In addition to producing, directing, shooting, and editing, I also successfully pitched multiple web series, wrote and edited scripts and blog posts, taught myself Photoshop and After Effects, and learned how to see projects through from start to finish. 

As Senior Producer at EdTech startup, Fulcrum Labs I jointly oversaw the company’s largest project of live-action and animated online educational films from script level to final delivery. I managed a team of eleven producers and APs, and worked with a seven-person editorial department and a fifteen-person graphics department to make a 200 video course every five-months, often overseeing multiple courses at one time. I also directed on-screen talent for many of the courses.

In 2014, I joined Pivot’s live, nightly talk show TakePart Live as a segment producer where I produced one 7-minute block of live television, four nights a week. My duties included pitching segments, research, pre-interviews, element gathering, writing, and host/guest prep, all while contributing two daily, in-depth pitches for top of show. 

In 2015, I joined Stoopid Buddy Stoodios (formerly Stupid Monkey) as a lead producer for all TV pilots, commercials, and special projects. Over the course of 1 year, I produced over 20 projects including two quarter-hour TV pilots for Amazon and Adult Swim. The Adult Swim pilot, Hot Streets, went to series and the Chex Mix spot I produced in collaboration with award-winning artist PES was nominated for an Annie Award. Other clients include: Electronic Arts, Disney, Riot Games, Netflix, Fox Sports, General Mills, Verizon, Target, and Denny’s. 

In addition to producing, I’ve also directed several commercials at the studio for clients including Ziploc and Denny’s.